high amounts of protein

Shrimp: shrimp are the best alternative to red meat, which may result in an increase in addressed to the detriment of the health of the body, especially for people interested in building the muscles of their bodies, contains high amounts of protein and vitamin B 12, iron and zinc, which are important material to nourish the hair and protect it from rainfall.
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Walnuts: The walnuts of the most nuts are important for the hair, and that it contains omega-6 fatty acids in addition to large amounts of zinc, iron, protein and vitamins B (B1, B6 and B12), but must pay attention that walnuts also contain a small amount of mineral selenium, which may lead to hair loss in some people, so the intake fill the hand grip of walnuts per week is enough and harmless, too.

Eggs: The eggs of the most important food-friendly hair both when eaten or used cream natural hair, it is known that eggs contain large amounts of protein, as well as iron, zinc and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and therefore the shortage of material from any previous leads to hair damage, is also an important source of eggs biotin (vitamin B7), which reduces hair loss significantly.

Dairy products, low-fat: products are low-fat dairy is a major source of calcium, which plays an important role in hair growth, in addition to containing protein substances beneficial to the body, so the addition of a cup of yogurt or a piece of cottage cheese to your menu protect you from hair loss, and you can add amount of walnuts or linseed need to get the full also of fatty acids and zinc.

In the end, you have to get away from stress as much as possible because it is one of the main factors that cause hair loss, through exercise or go out with friends for a walk or jogging outdoors or even indulge in any activity likable, such as drawing or reading or other.

The best foods that protect your hair from precipitation

Often notice loss of your hair when you follow a diet specific food or even without following such a thing, and usually attributed the cause of this precipitation to the needs of your body for some nutrients in certain foods dealt with,

so I am careful always to contain your diet on fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and fish fatty acids containing omega-3 as well as the fish of salmon and low-fat dairy products, and we'll show you as follows - Most foods that can restore your hair to health and attractiveness.

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Carrot: usually confine the importance of the islands on being useful to the eye, but also beneficial to the hair, islands of foods rich in vitamin A, which plays an important role in feeding your scalp, making your hair more shine and moisturizing and strength as well

Plum: If you notice that your hair is suffering from drought and rainfall and fading also that your body needs to iron, which you can get it by eating plum and generally also like beets and leafy vegetables like spinach and watercress.

Peas: Peas characterized by its proximity to a balanced range of vitamins and minerals, iron and vitamins B, which is considered very important materials for the health and strength of your hair.

Oatmeal: Contains oat a high amount of fiber are beneficial for the heart and intestines, as well as to contain the kit is important for the health of the body, such as zinc, iron and omega-6 fatty acids which are very important for healthy skin and hair together, so if you decide to follow a specific diet, do not forget to contain on your breakfast oatmeal 3 times a week at least.

Women are more susceptible than men to fall anal

Anal fall is a fall or droop mucous membrane, or the fall of the entire wall of the rectum to the outside of the anus, and often occurs during the process of defecation may also occur in otherwise.

The fall anal occur in a large proportion of children during the first years of life, and in the elderly, and the rate of increase in women than men, and the causes of, is attributable to the weakness of the pelvic muscles that may be correlated with the fall anal, in addition to that there will be severe weakness in the muscles of the anus, and thus lack of control in the output.
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There may not be any obvious symptoms of the patient, but may complain about the part comes out of the anus when defecating in cases of constipation, has been suffering from pain for the probability of occurrence of rectal ulceration, or bleeding from the anus or chronic constipation.

The need to differentiate between the occurrence of the injury and the fall of the anal tumors of the fourth degree, and this is easy for the surgeon specialist.

The surgical solution is optimized for these cases to avoid damage to the anal muscle and ulcers, rectum, and embarrass the patient fall of the rectum, or the inability to control directing, and be through the anus or through the abdomen "surgical incision or endoscopic", and determines that the attending surgeon, according to all case by case basis.

But if the patient refused to perform the surgery, or was not his health permits it, begins in the organization and duties of food and fiber to increase after about constipation, laxatives with taking medications.

The therapeutic benefits of massage is amazing

Spiritual interest: spa treatments have a spiritual component. Some treatments are known for their ability to soothe the soul. Explore the various treatments offered by the resort, and the wisdom to know the cultural underpinning of these treatments.

joy : joy that you feel in the aromatic scents and soothing oils and candles glowing and comfortable clothing and soft music, and the fun that raised stimulant mixtures of rosemary, mint, lemon scent, is that make you. visit joey atlas official web site

Enjoy seasonal variations which at the spa favorite. Treat yourself, and spend an extra 15 minutes in the hot tub or sauna. Rejoice your skin soft silk, and Feel lines deep fade from your face.

Openness: Being open to touch. Open your mind and accept the touched therapeutic. Being open to heal your body and your soul and your emotions and your body needs, do not worry if you feel completely relaxed so you sleep; being open to every aspect of healing.

Maximum benefits: You have to be participatory at every step of your trip to the spa. Since the time of setting your appointment, to the days or weeks following the visit to him, you live the experience again. Remember how I felt relaxed and activity and regeneration. Inhale perfume, or candle reminds experience to remember this feeling.

body of toxins and impurities

Eating too much herbs: eating between meals natural herbs which help digestion and rid the body of toxins and impurities

Enjoy leave: Take advantage of the leave and tried to set up a special program to relax and unwind after the trouble of a full week of work.

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Eating 7 dates every morning as the dates food and heal or two pieces of chocolate a day: where experts emphasize that chocolate away you anemia and improves mood.

Not to carry heavy things: Stay away from any carry heavy bags so as not to affect the spine or on the way to stand up and walk negatively.

Attention to the color of the tongue: The color of the tongue can be a sign of health problems, so be sure to color and in the acquisition of any different color, Fallon White indicates weakness in the immune system and the yellow color indicates excessive food, drink and red in the tip of the tongue is an indicator of stress.

Hiking out of the house: the change and exit from the daily routine helps to boost morale and get away from stress and depression as the program should be prepared for a walk outside the house and visit friends and family.

Cleaner clothes: you may not see what the naked eye but carrying microbes and see the change it clean and prevent infection by any germs and microbes light, especially with the hot weather and the high heat of the sun.

A diet containing fat, protein, carbohydrates

This relationship is sustained by our amended diet to about ten to one.
We hunt these days especially in big maces and we do gather in AH or Alde. One of the theories is that these modified fatty acid status, modulates immune responses and the body brings it were in a state of chronic inflammation.

This would heart disease, diabetes, allergies and asthma, but can also work in hand. The precise molecular basis and mechanisms of fatty acid shift is less well known.

Kelly Weaver and Floyd Chilton (Weaver, 2009) from the United States developed an interesting experiment that was shed here. Light they gave a group of volunteers for 5 weeks a controlled diet where everyone got such much fat

, protein, carbohydrates, and within it.
After a week they added there capsules with fish oil (775 mg EPA per day) and borage oil (831 mg daily) to it. Before and after the supplementation and after a wash-out period of 2 weeks after the end of the study, blood was collected, from which mononuclear cells and was achieved. From each participant tubes these samples were used in an RNA assay.
The fatty acid status of the cells was examined.

Margarine works adversely-grow taller formula

There are 12 food categories were distinguished by the researchers in the study, such as eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, olive oil, nuts and seeds. For example, if the children also scored a so-called Mediterranean diet stopped after. The relationship between this diet and allergic rhinitis was strongest.

Margarine works adversely
Children at least three times a week, ate nuts also proved a significantly lower risk of allergic rhinitis, have.

Asthma symptoms and rashes Also the daily eating apples, oranges and tomatoes found to protect against allergic rhinitis.

For grapes as single fruit this effect was quite strong. The researchers suspect that this is due to the strongly anti-oxidative effect of revere. This is described that this polyphone has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Regularly eating margarine showed in this study have an adverse:

it doubled the risk of allergic rhinitis in children in Crete. That seems pretty simple to solve, with a good olive oil one needs.

Proper fatty acids that a modified fatty acid intake in the diet can affect the immune system have been shown in several studies. Anthropological research showed that the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors for thousands of years had a ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids were approximately two to one.

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Researcher Roger Hurst: "We came to the conclusion that (ECG), a compound from blackcurrants, along with the body's immune substances cooperates synergistically in reducing the inflammation.

This is independent of the activity of, which are common in black currant. "Hurst suspects that in the future we can develop natural products that conventional medicine can help in the treatment of asthma and perhaps other allergic reactions. ECG is also found in other foods, such as green tea, so maybe it's the first step, it makes sense to you allergic rinse. Away with tea see complete package

Mediterranean diet

that you were born during the hay fever season or if baby did not receive breastfeeding are factors you can change yourself.

Nothing fortunately, there are factors in life where you can to exert an influence your diet is an important example. Namely, a so-called Mediterranean diet appears to protect against symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Protection, at least in children, The Mediterranean diet includes ample servings of fruits and vegetables, fish, olive oil, nuts, seeds and legumes.

Greek researchers (Chats et al, 2007) studied the diets of 690 children living in the Cretan countryside. , the parents of the children completed extensive surveys on the eating habits of their children, the allergic symptoms and possible problems with breathing. The children underwent skin prick test with ten common aero-allergens.

Body acquired defects may cause a contraction of the muscle injury

Physical defects vary in the East and West, in our eastern infected cases acquired defects in the emergence of the emergence of textures known in front of me in the shoulder and chin.

A consultant orthopedic and spine surgery hospital Crescent talking about it, shows that these defects acquired which may affect textures may cause injury to the bones of the body damage is typically pulled neck muscles background, leading to a contraction of the muscles of the anterior neck, which is why Severe pain in the neck and scattered.

Adds sound textures that reduces pressure on the bones of the center back and the weight is distributed evenly over the area, and disadvantages of textures prevalent in civilized countries, because of the nature of work and daily life.

The biggest proof of that is given to African countries which at least where the imbalance in the strength of the body right, and the problem in defects textures gained lies in the return to normal patterns it is difficult and impossible if adopted patient physical therapy only,

the hardening of the muscles of the body into the situation wrong, but If what has been surgery to open tissue hardened by injection and then undergo physiotherapy sessions achieve good results, preferably first examination and diagnosis by a doctor of physical therapy, and so for being qualified to diagnose the situation and determine how the treatment and the means used to it, it may not preclude the patient to physical therapy, but believes that the treatment requires further treatment.

. Some vitamins may change the performance of the muscle

New research pointed out that some types of vitamins make it difficult of exercise; it told the researchers that vitamins C and E weaken the muscle response to exercise. In spite of this, but it did not affect athletic performance over the actual experience for 11 weeks.

According to the BBC, the team from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in Oslo conducted studies on 54 participants, over 11 weeks, to see the impact on athletic ability to take vitamins C and E, where participants took 1000 mg, vitamin C, and 235 mg of Vitamin E, and training 4 times a week.

The study found that athletic ability has not changed during the tests the actual, but examination laboratory samples of blood and tissues of the participants, explained that there is a difference occurs within the muscle, as taking vitamins reduced the number of centers of energy production in the cell, "mitochondria", which is supposed to increase Depending on the need to increase energy during workouts.

Professor of biochemistry not convince the results are believed to be the biggest factor in performance speed of the heart, lungs, and the arrival of oxygen to the muscles and not the mitochondria, so there is no difference in athletic performance the actual difficult interpretation.

7Important Facts About High Blood Pressure

The high blood pressure of the biggest risk factors for heart disease and blood vessels, it leads to about 45 per cent of deaths from these diseases, and the spread in all countries of the world, where the statistics indicate that the World Health Organization that there are about a billion people suffer high pressure in the world.

Blood pressure readings on this subject, talk to «health», consultant, Internal Medicine and a specialist blood pressure clinical clinics medical reference in Jeddah, explained at the outset that high blood pressure is defined as the force hanging on the walls of the arteries when the heart contraction, which recorded in the form of two numbers, such as: 120-80 (mm Hg) as symbolized by the first number (top) to the systolic pressure represents the maximum pressure is located on the walls of blood vessels, and symbolizes the second number (bottom) and the diastolic pressure is the lowest pressure when the heart relaxes.

And different levels of blood pressure in adults, and is the ideal pressure in humans of about 120-80 mm Hg or less, and the rise to between 120-80 and 139-89 shall be deemed pre-hypertension PRE HYPERTENSION.

It is noted that the pre-hypertension stage are those whose human-uninfected clicking, but may develop to the stage of the degree of pressure «1» if there is an increase in weight or family history of blood pressure. It does not have to worry or take any drugs, but this stage you need to organize lifestyle.
There are three degrees of high blood pressure, namely:

- The degree of «1»: When the pressure between 140-90 and 159-99.
- The degree of «2»: When pressure rises to between 160-100 and 179-109.
- The degree of «3»: When pressure rises to 180-110 or higher.

A sitting position while using the computer sound pious of neck pain

45-year-old reader asks: All my works are purely office and I spend more than 12 hours a day in front of the computer by virtue of my work, and I suffer in the recent period of excruciating pain in the shoulders, neck and back bones, arms full sometimes do not tolerate what should I do and what reason?

read what she said

And the answer to this question, consultant orthopedics and spine, which indicates that the method of sitting in front of your computer and use for long periods they are known to severely affect the state of the bone, and the patient's condition on Display Specialist doctor and follow the following instructions.

Advised to always need to be the person sitting in front of the computer to put the keyboard and mouse in the level of high elbows in a position relax next to the trunk,

while placing the shoulders in a position relax fully down and forearms close to the trunk, while avoiding completely put forearms away from the trunk, and you must also use in the level of the keyboard under the wrists to maintain their positions parallel to the keyboard.

Because raising them may cause chronic inflammation of the tendons in the wrist, elbow and neck pain.
Doctors warn of left shoulder hanging up because it is a severe impact on the bone, causing the injury of tension in the muscle between the neck and shoulder and neck pain cause.

Especially if there was a childhood trauma

Women with recurrent depression more overweight, the researcher found some differences between the patients of the Delta Study, and a group of healthy controls. For example, women with recurrent depression were more overweight.

The fat was often around the waist, which is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. For men, the difference with the control group was not statistically significant. Look:
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"The continuous use of SSRIs could be a reason for this can be. This is remarkable, because of this relatively new group of antidepressants is precisely thought to cause weight gain. The older agents, it is known that you are heavier.

But I have to keep a blow to the arm here. Of course it is also possible that doctors prescribe SSRIs just because someone has already overweight. ' "Our patients also had elevated cortical levels, even if they were not depressed," continues Look.

Those who in the morning had low levels of this stress hormone in the blood, were more at risk of relapse
Especially if there was a childhood trauma

Additionallydifferent fatty acid profile in the blood
Look saw abnormalities in the fatty acids. The patients from the Delta Study were less good fats and bad more saturated fatty acids in the blood to have.

Anti depressive and obesity

Anti depressive and obesity
Women with recurrent depression are more often overweight and more 'dangerous' abdominal fat than the average population. There seems to be consistent with the long term use of modern antidepressants (SSRIs) a relationship.

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That's one of the conclusions of the thesis of AnaLook, who examined the role of biological factors in recurrent depression.

Many studies show a relationship between repeatedly depressed and heart problems. Why this is so remains unclear. There are suspicions that genetic and biological factors play a role, which is both a person vulnerable to depression as well as for heart disease.

Biological explanation
Psychologist and psychiatrist-in-training AnaLook went in search of a biological explanation. She did so in a group of 137 patients participating in the Delta Study, a study of people at the start of the study have recovered from depression for ten years and at least two are behind us.

Lok glanced include to overweight, stress hormone cortical and to fatty acids in the blood, which are important for the brains and play a role in clotting and inflammation.

In addition, they focused on one-carbon metabolism, a set of biochemical processes that play a major role include the formation of building blocks for DNA. Disturbances in the metabolism can cause all sorts of diseases, including congenital heart disease and psychiatric disorders.

Online treat depression as well as face-to-face

Online treat depression as well as face-to-face
Line treatment of anxiety and depression is just as effective as face-to-face treatment. According to a survey of mental health institution Demine
Also, online education about the disease shows a significant decrease in symptoms show, the magazine writes Movie.
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The project involved 838 patients with complaints of anxiety or depression. Of them, 706 people followed the "traditional" face-to-face treatment and 132 patients followed a line treatment, who was combined with a number of personal encounters with the solid practitioner. In both groups, a similar reduction in symptoms was seen.

Additionally, the effect of online psychoeducation - researched information about the disease
There was a significant decrease in complaints to see. According Domenici insight into the problems and understand what is going on, often the first step to recovery.

Domenici studied in 99 patients with depression or anxiety, the effects of psychoeducation online. Upon completion of the module, the symptoms of these patients were significantly reduced.

Body length to read DNA
Researchers from the Department of Forensic Molecular Biology at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam show that extreme height may be genetic material predicted.

The researchers published their findings in the scientific journal Human Genetics. Researchers have selected DNA variants that can be reliably predicted whether a person is extremely long or will be.

Training helps patient in communication with the doctor

Training helps patient in communication with the doctor
Training helps patient communication arts - Photo Reuters
You can learn to communicate. This applies not only for doctors, but just as good for patients. An online communication training for patients with lymphoma would help them, and may also be suitable for a wider audience.

Patient Time: so called internet training program for patients that researcher IngaBusinessmen soon starts. People just can enroll, nevertheless have been twenty participants reported.Cellulite Ebook

For now, the group consists exclusively of patients with lymphoma.

It is the group where Van Businessmen connected to the research Navel, with her PhD research focuses. "An inquisitive group," she knows from experience.

"In 2010, a doctor stopped the annual conference of the Netherlands (LVN) a lecture on communication training her profession receives annually. The hall then wanted to know whether patients can also receive courses. My research should provide such training. "

Recently graduated from Businessmen a research on that had to make the training that its target audience needs clearly. "Actually, it was the question of how deftly the patient without training is and what problems they experience," she explains. A general answer was not to give. Much depends on the stages of which the patient should be in its treatment process.

More often autism at birth induced

More often autism at birth induced
Frequently induced autism in childbirth - Photo Reuters
In children who are born out of a labor that has been initiated is much more common for autism. This shows a large U.S. study.

Whether it's a different also causes the researchers say not yet know.
The means used to generate the risk of autism.
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Possible to increase the delivery But the reverse is also possible: that doctors deem it more appropriate to expedite the birth of children with autism or a greater likelihood that disease because pregnancy in cases such as less runs smoothly.

The researchers also want to prevent the initiation of parturition in bad books will be placed. Hasten the birth can just save lives, said team leader Simon Gregory Monday after the release of the findings in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.

Deliveries are increasingly excited. In the United States, the number of births precipitated even doubled since 1990.
Coca-Cola introduces green variety with Stevie
Coca-Cola introduces green variety with Stevie - Picture Coca Cola Argentina
Coca-Cola announced a new version: Coca-Cola Life, a cola with Stevie and green packaging.
Coca-Cola Life contains thanks to a blend of sugar and Stevie half as many calories as the traditional version.
Stevie is a natural sweetener extracted from the Stevie plant.

Teen wants Google Glass addressing autism

Teen wants Google Glass addressing autism
Teen wants Google Glass autism tackle - Google Glass. A German teenager has Google Glass developed an application that the state of mind of the face of the interlocutor reads. People with autism disorder may thus be helped.

Writes the Volts rant .
The Google Goggles-a kind of portable computing provides users with a digital layer with additional information about reality. In jargon: augmented reality.
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The 18-year-old Catalan Voss is a small company founded SENSION. He will thus develop the educational sector software that allows you to follow so that lessons can be tailored to the behavior of the student. Eye movements

With the same software, it is possible to integrate, so that the wearer of the Google Goggles gets information about the emotion of the interlocutor. Facial Psychiatrists are excited about the technology.
Yes, because the diet that researchers face, appeared to be not only the weight but also good for health.

For instance, the level of inflammation in the subjects with no less than 40 percent. "Chronic inflammation, among other things increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, various types of arthritis and cancer. Also, the blood pressure goes down, especially in people who have a slightly elevated blood pressure. "

Chronic inflammation

Although the bacteria belong to the same family, which of the Borelli bacteria, there are differences. The newcomer is not recognized, at least by the standard tests for Borelli and it does not cause Lyme disease. However, they respond to the same antibiotics.

"This patient had cancer by a severely weakened immune system. Therefore, the could strike, "said the archbishop.”Physicians should consider in patients with a weakened immune system that have been bitten by a tick and have complaints with this bacterium that fit an inflammation of the meanings or brains."
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The national survey by tekenradar.nl shows that this variant in 4 percent of the Dutch character is foundthe occur in 22 per cent.

I'm not overweight. I have therefore nothing to this book.
Yes, because the diet that researchers face, appeared to be not only the weight but also good for health. For instance, the level of inflammation in the subjects with no less than 40 percent

"Chronic inflammation, among other things increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, various types of arthritis and cancer. Also, the blood pressure goes down, especially in people who have a slightly elevated blood pressure. "
I'm not overweight. I have therefore nothing to this book.

Doctors and nutrition drivers most prone to "obesity"

Skin burns also significantly associated with the nature of the work, construction, architects and sailors, farmers and professions that require exposure to direct and prolonged periods of sunlight, which affects the skin severe burns, is also working to break down collagen skin, which helps the appearance of wrinkles early, which adds years to the age of these phony people.

Obesity sugar Pressure:
Not necessarily be associated with these diseases, age or genetic condition only, some businesses and jobs are a major cause of these diseases, which is confirmed by Specialist obesity and thinness and says:

There are some jobs may be considered as the causative theme injury owners obesity and perhaps the most important doctors of nutrition, which is proven by research conducted recently confirms influenced doctors nutrition talk with their patients for long periods for their eating habits unhealthy, which unfortunately affect physician and caused him some sort of temptation to eat this food. As well as working hotels and shops and takeaway chef slides are the most susceptible to obesity, as a result of food for the duration of their work.

Drivers and staff offices and they require the nature of their work to sit for long periods of time, where is the weakness of the movement of the main causes of obesity.

It is not confined only to obesity, the simple act of being overweight significantly means that we are facing the inevitable passage of a number of other diseases, notably diabetes, and obesity, which haunted also helps high blood pressure.

Here, the system is completed, which is drifting with the patient to the circle of the most serious diseases, such as heart, kidney, liver, gout.

New effective means

New effective means
Since recently there are new medical devices for the treatment and prevention of cystitis. These are methods, which often clinically proven to be effective and no side effects, nor resistance, have, which reduces the risk of recurrence.

They are available without prescription from your pharmacy.
These products contain a highly concentrated cranberry extract and thanks to this extract, the bacteria cannot (more) adhering to the bladder wall, and therefore also not multiply.

Eventually, the bacteria disappear from the bladder by urinating them out. Thus an incipient inflammation treated or prevents reinfection. For more information, ask your pharmacist for advice or click
More about: female genital abnormalities and urinary tract diseases female urinary bladder urine (Research)

I take many years Uri-cram and have no more bladder certainly 1.5L flat water. Previously sure every second month cystitis

Cystitis? How can you do something about it? [Pub]
I've also been working for years with cranberry capsules or drink the cranberry juice but every time I get back suffer from bladder infections, sometimes there is only

Cystitis? How can you do something about it? [Pub]
I drink for years grand berry but is currently back with a stinging sensation when urinating all hours I have to go pee very annoying as it pleased ...

What are the symptoms?

What are the symptoms?
The symptoms of a bladder infection are often recognizable. For example, many people know the burning pain during urination. But there are also features that you might not be so quick to associate a bladder infection. Below is a list of the most common symptoms:

• Frequent urination and frequent urge, while the bladder is not full.

• Burning pain while urinating.
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• Bad smelling or cloudy urine.

• Sometimes there is a bladder infection in the blood urine.

• Pain in the lower abdomen and / or lower back.

How can you treat a bladder infection?
It is important to treat. Cystitis A neglected because cystitis can ascend to the kidneys. The bacteria can then cause kidney infections here. Unlike a bladder infection, you may well here are sick and can damage the kidneys.

Treat with antibiotics
Cystitis can best be treated with antibiotics. Your house doctor can prescribe the cure. Which antibiotic you get exactly, is often dependent on the results of a urinalysis.

It is important to make in any case.
The treatment in its entirety, Furthermore, you have the package insert of the medicine carefully before taking the course.

It is clearly indicated that the medication side effects can give and whether you can use. It in combination with other drugs Side effects and resistance, the use of antibiotics can reduce the systemic side effects, e.g. vaginal fungal infections or diarrhea

Recent research has shown that smoking degeneration of the inter vertebral discs can accelerate, which has an adverse effect on the spine.

Often neck pain to the occurrence of a hernia in advance. The symptoms of hernia usually include pain that radiates into the arm, possibly with numbness or tingling sensation. This pain occurs more or less in the service area of the nerve root which the hernia again, though this is not as typical as the hernia of the lower back. Pressure on the nerve root can result in loss of function of the nerve as a result.
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The diagnosis
To demonstrate that the arm pain (and possible loss of function) is indeed caused by the bulging of an inter vertebral disc, further research should be carried out. There are three types of research that are eligible: . 1 MRI (Magnetic Scan) . This study is now the investigation of choice.

In most cases,
it will be possible with this to make the diagnosis. Hernia Is an MRI device is not available everywhere, so in these cases will be selected for the CT scan often. Sometimes it is necessary to be informed about the bone structures of the cervical spine.
Precise In such cases, the information that the MRI supplies can then be insufficient

Ski and pregnancy

Ski and pregnancy
A pregnant woman should not hesitate to take part in the pleasures of winter sports. Provided, however, that they do take certain precautions. Downhill is a demanding discipline, as Dr. Luc Baleens, gynecologist and physician of starting at the Bergmann hospital in Brussels.

Pregnancy is, from the first days, characterized by an accumulation of fluid in the muscles and a weakening of the tendons, the risk of injury in skiing and also skating, increases, said Dr. Baleens.
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Additionally move the black point of the body is the coordination of muscles and nerves is more difficult during pregnancy, especially from the 5th month, making.

Recent studies have moreover shown that women so already, whether pregnant or not, often the victims of skiing accidents due to a lack of muscle control than men. direct or indirect succeed in the abdominal area may also pose a hazard to the fetus.

They may give rise to the release of the placenta, premature contractions and even a tear in the uterus. This type of accident occurs from the 4th at 5th month, rarely or never. Last point is that the breasts of a pregnant woman are not only bigger and heavier, but also more sensitive.

A punch to the chest can be very painful in those circumstances. "Taking into account all these elements should be alpine skiing strongly discouraged from the 4th month of pregnancy, "according to Dr. Schuler Baleens.

Reliable information for cancer patients

That means that in March there will also be the flu. It's a normal flu, says Van Rants. "From Spanish data we know she is not light or excessively severe." Data from the European Influenza Surveillance Network (EISN) shows that the flu in different European countries is on the rise since late January. Children under 15 years have so far proved to be.

The main group affected
Reliable information for cancer patients
Reliable Cancer Therapies (RCT) is a non-profit organization with the aim to assist patients and inform cancer them.

RCT examining the reliability of information on many cancer therapies, so that evidence-based treatment choices can be made

RCTs looking upward continuously cancer therapies - based on measurable results-promising, but have never been subjected to a thorough examination. If during this search promising new cancer therapies are found, the development of such treatments may be funded.

To compensate, the demand for clear and reliable information as possible are also guides for patients published, for example breast cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer. Besides the information about treatments and side effects, discuss the Guides for Patients also the following topics:

• The frequency of the type of cancer

• Possible causes

• The diagnostic methods

• All details about what exactly constitutes an optimal treatment

• What to do after the treatment was discontinued. Recent published a new guide on supplements in cancer.

Your Guide to Natural Hair Care Integrated

Who would not want to get hair attractive fascinates by everyone, all the ladies always dream of getting beautiful hair, whatever the nature of their hair, but it is with regret that many women fail to realize this dream and even see some distant dream.

Prior to pursue the achievement of this dream should You know that your hair is part of your body and plays a prominent role in your daily life, poetry and mystery of a woman's beauty crown of her head, which if well cared for him could draw more attention to it.

You know I must also everything you need at the outset is to treat your hair from the roots and then search for hairstyle suits with perfecting methods of hair styling, so as to ultimately satisfying results.
With this in mind we come to you with a selection of the best methods of hair care natural and if it consistently and make sure you get a shiny silky hair racy and beauty.

Eggs from natural products which have significant benefits for the hair. Egg whites with two tablespoons of castor oil and one teaspoon of glycerin. Put the mixture on your hair and massage your scalp it well and then wash your hair in the Start. This recipe will help to nourish and strengthen your hair and restore its luster.
Egg whites and cream of the best natural moisturizers that you can use on your hair. You can also add a little malt to the mix and so if you would like to deeply moisturize the hair.

The coconut oil is not indispensable as well, and it is not strange that we find it enters in a lot of hair care products on your hair not do.
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Massage your scalp a little of the warm coconut oil an hour before washing. Leave your hair absorbs the oil and then covers your head with a hot towel and leaves an hour before washing.
You can also boil coconut oil with a pinch of curry leaves, hibiscus, basil and a few fruits. After the completion of the boiling mixture and cooled, put it on your hair and leave it a bit before rinsing.

Modern techniques for hair care designed to give him a view of a natural

Modern techniques for hair care designed to give him a view of a natural
Hairdresser’s uses modern techniques give views of natural dyed hair.

To achieve maximum impact normal as possible it comes in some cases to the point of using techniques that are contrary to nature, for example the technology hotbeds synthetic hair, where Straightening paint the roots of hair degree of color is darker than the rest of the hair in a visible manner, as if women must go Now without delay to the hair salon.

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It could be argued that this technique relies on the fact that the natural color of the hair is composed of many tones and not just black or brown only, which is what he, is trying to imitate a hair stylist.

The Dieter, director of the Federation of creativity among links hairdressers German state of Bavaria, says: abandoned hairdressers since the era of long hair dye for a single color; it does not have to be all parts of the hair with one color.

He that hairdressers use at the present time a new technology called granted wisps looks more natural; where hair is split into sections differ among themselves in terms of supply, then styling the locks of many different color scales.

Malformation of the male genitalia because of the use of materials Body Care

Recent German study revealed that the material body care such as liquid soap, toothpaste, shaving or cosmetics such as lipsticks contain chemicals that adversely affect the hormonal system in the human body, according to a study by researchers "Bond" German for the protection of the environment and nature.

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These materials are potentially dangerous especially to pregnant women and children, as some of the elements that enter in the manufacture of these substances may lead to reduced fertility rates and the early puberty and cause the incidence of certain types of cancer.

During the study, the researchers analyzed a huge number of cosmetics in search of 15 chemical-specific classified within the EU list him as a material that could pose a threat hormonally.

It was noted that the past years have seen an increase in anomalies in relation to health, and these chemicals, and between these phenomena retreat quality sperm fertility among young people and distort the sexual organs of infant male or developing cancers, which dates back to the causes and hormonal such as breast cancer and prostate cancer.

The researchers found that the leading companies in the cosmetics industry is the most commonly used materials harmful hormonally and that these substances enter the industry in about half of its products as explained by the supervisors of the study.

Why are women discouraged to the gym

Why is it that so many women gym discouraged? It is the fear of the first visit, lack of confidence, fear of large muscles, fear of the unknown, laziness, or something else entirely?
To the outside world, including gym, gym are full sand fitness - bores who, instead of sitting in a managed pub night after night train, feed the chickens and drinking protein.

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And it is no wonder that a normal person, especially frail woman into the "lion's den" simply afraid to enter.
I would like you, girls, women, young and old, and the oldest, convinced that there is nothing to fear, that most visitors gym are the same people as you, go to the gym to work out, to shape the character and maintain or improve health or just relax and have fun.
Indeed, even the "crazy" things in the gym almost asleep, they are normal people who have a clear objective for which they are able to go and for him to sacrifice almost anything and certainly do not look at anyone who is not like them

With contempt, but on the contrary, often trying to help newbie’s in the gym, if they so wish and you can see that it is serious about exercise seriously.
And even you, today beginner gym unmissed, once you get to the other side, from which today you respect or fun, fitness gradually caught up and even do not expect and you'll be one of those "crazies" you cannot do without the gym my life imagine, you night after night meal, plan workouts, or dream of competing boards.

Get more than just a solid slim figureMost of us girls before the big gym exaggerated respect, he is afraid that after strength training them to grow muscles and look like a bodybuilder magazines.

Popular cardio training for muscle building

41stPopular cardio training for muscle building
Warm-up (warm-up phase)
First variant - a popular cardio trainer for about 10-15 minutes
Second variant - "functional" warm-up, i.e. the use of rope (5-10 minutes) + dynamic stretching major joint structures (shoulders, hips, knees), i.e.e.g. circular motion forward and backward in the shoulder joint, rolling shoulders, hips rolling, "circling" knee squatting (5-10 minutes)
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The main booster stage
First Squat (squat)
Basic rules for the implementation of squats: weight all the time rather on the heels, knees during the downward movement should not get ahead of the leaders in the vertical plane, an effort to push your hips as far back as you move down, back straight, shoulders pulled down and back, head straight, downward movement - touch, up - exhale.
The depth of the squat one where the hips and knees are in a horizontal plane
The execution time of exercise - 45 s (both for beginners and for advanced)
Pause - 15 s
Second Crank position Basic rules for the implementation of the crank position: with stretched arms, back in mild thoracic hypnosis (i.e. slightly back - NO sunken down!)
Tummy tucked in, pulled glottal muscles together, the head of the extension of the spine, look about half a meter in front of the body pad.
Option for beginners - "crank" position in position on the elbows, both feet on the mat

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