Our advice " Endomorphs "


The endomorph is considered ideal for bodybuilding.

As, endomorph is most beneficial for physical fitness . Although very thin, endomorph too big.
Fat Loss Factor Review
To overcome this , you must add aerobic exercise endomorph According to maximize fat loss .
Here are a few tips for the endomorph morph types :

1 - Exercises
Regular strength training exercises and their order to prevent your body from stagnating Mix
Your muscle groups during training , core exercises , and add in isolation exercises .

2 - Sets and reps
You have a small 12 and 8 to 10 sets for large muscle groups can
Over a few days, a little heavy for the rest of the working muscle hypertrophy may vary from 12 to 25 repeats in the long run
Do not train too hard and too often .

3 - Intensity
Once finished warming up , go to your grave with a set of exhaustion .
Try to add to the intensity of the series . For example , partial reps Supersets , drop sets , and forced repetitions are excellent methods .
To keep your metabolism high and your heart rate is out of your hard drives with short periods of rest .
Every 4 to 5 sessions , one for the whole body circuit training to improve your fitness you can .

4 - Frequency
Pain , depending on where you work every muscle group more than once a week . Indeed , strengthening exercises will help you burn calories .
Software change frequently .

Cardio - 5
Your training, cardio , of course , is one of the most important aspects .
Do cardio for 30 minutes every day in a variety of forms . This will limit the risk of injury to the physical store .
In the case of 75 % of your heart rate to burn fat you carry in the region .

* Muscle groups : 5 individual ( upper extremities , lower extremities , shoulder girdle , abdominal wall , back wall, participate in certain muscle areas

Muscle hypertrophy ** : aims to increase muscle size . ( Seen : Seizure , muscle , muscle burns ) .
Our advice:

For Endomorph, it is advisable to treat over time. Do not shorten your treatment.

Steroid treatment (conditional ) term :
Minimum : 8 weeks
Maximum : 12 weeks

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