7Important Facts About High Blood Pressure

The high blood pressure of the biggest risk factors for heart disease and blood vessels, it leads to about 45 per cent of deaths from these diseases, and the spread in all countries of the world, where the statistics indicate that the World Health Organization that there are about a billion people suffer high pressure in the world.

Blood pressure readings on this subject, talk to «health», consultant, Internal Medicine and a specialist blood pressure clinical clinics medical reference in Jeddah, explained at the outset that high blood pressure is defined as the force hanging on the walls of the arteries when the heart contraction, which recorded in the form of two numbers, such as: 120-80 (mm Hg) as symbolized by the first number (top) to the systolic pressure represents the maximum pressure is located on the walls of blood vessels, and symbolizes the second number (bottom) and the diastolic pressure is the lowest pressure when the heart relaxes.

And different levels of blood pressure in adults, and is the ideal pressure in humans of about 120-80 mm Hg or less, and the rise to between 120-80 and 139-89 shall be deemed pre-hypertension PRE HYPERTENSION.

It is noted that the pre-hypertension stage are those whose human-uninfected clicking, but may develop to the stage of the degree of pressure «1» if there is an increase in weight or family history of blood pressure. It does not have to worry or take any drugs, but this stage you need to organize lifestyle.
There are three degrees of high blood pressure, namely:

- The degree of «1»: When the pressure between 140-90 and 159-99.
- The degree of «2»: When pressure rises to between 160-100 and 179-109.
- The degree of «3»: When pressure rises to 180-110 or higher.

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