Do you know about water ?

7-8 billion tons of water are consumed in the world every day . The foundation of our body consists of water . Float like a fish in water, floats on the liquid the body's cells . The brain is 75% water. oxygen to breathe in the water . Muscles are 75% water . Half of the collected water in the body muscles . Water helps the human body in all activities .
With water, the most abundant tissue in the human body, the eyes glassy , transparent body is made up of 99 % water . At least 0.2 % of the total water - teeth .
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Today, the water we drink comes from the era of the dinosaurs . Because the world has always been in the water . Water is managed by the world and our body temperature . Approximately 24 liters of water a day, which was destroyed in vain flows from the tap . I did most of the ground water used in the bathroom at home .
thirst and leads to headaches .

Milk , sweat and gastric juice consists of 99% water . Water protects all the vital organs . Bone is 22% water. Blood is 92% water. Organs of the body through the absorption of water provides . Water helps convert food to energy . 2.2 million people die each year because of the dirty water in the world , you can give a baby every 8 seconds . : ( 2 times in the last century, the global population , demand for water has increased by 6 times .

Finally, you have two important advice : 1 to 2 cups of water to drink after waking .
Then 1 cup of water every hour, which will provide the daily norm . 2 . necessarily to lose weight , your body must release water . enough water into the body so that the absence of " enforcement " mechanism is employed . then , the remaining water in the body " collect " is the efficient use of water away from the body to prevent the outbreak .

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