Leaves the miraculous power

I charming case of Nagorno-Karabakh - regions currently occupied brand was born . I was 6 years old from the refugee camp . I remember at least a day in our daily meal allowance plants growing in the yard , blue - was prepared dishes . I loved the most with nettle dishes . And I was a very healthy child ... in 2003 , I had a hard strong rheumatism .

I will take multiple treatments of rheumatic. I knew a woman who rose from a region of the barrels used to draw water from other plants that he had brought for me 1 glass of nettle broth . happened . I was able to nettle almost killable unable to take the medication . 100 g each . I coped with nettle drinking water . Nature wanted to share with you the benefits of this miraculous plant .

20 pounds after the birth ! '
Charles Livingston Scam
Leila a successful business woman , after giving birth to 20 pounds said. According work, no matter how difficult your life , you can find the time to do sports . He mastered the philosophical .

"These, there should be no excuse to delay it ," he says . Member of the Board of Directors Leila Allston Gunnels Alarcon Group of Companies , a successful business woman . At the same time, 4 years old and 2 -year-old Atlas Erosion mother. Gunnels , protein, and regular feeding regime applied , was able to 20 pounds in 8 months . After giving more weight to sport a healthy body , has become shapes . In fact , a long muscular body height and appearance , so it 's hard to believe looking at 8 months ago . According to him , the weight of the nursing mother of the child before birth, and the postpartum period and then collected . How did you implement a regime to lose weight?

I have to lose weight proteins regime . Only one slice of wheat bread in the morning , ate at a little feta cheese and honey . Sometimes you do not have a lot of character meals , afternoons cooking a dish , a salad or olive oil , or ate a meat dish . Generally, fish, meat or chicken was chosen . In the afternoon, the evening, in order to avoid too much fruit ... In the evenings, the grilled fish , chicken or meat dish I chose . As well as , of course , ate a little vegetable dish . In short, I got myself ! I can not believe it now .

Did the workout regimen ? The regime did not sport a lot of time . I have only a very minor sports . Because , I think , a lot of weight and appetite , trying to open up the sport , but also a lot of body tighten even more difficult to lose weight . but then I started to play sports in a sustainable way . Hillside City Club is the day I came 5 times a week . After the fall of body shape and self team took to the sport that I can say .

The doctor, there, they had some good advice to me. In what do you do? Hillside City 'm going to the studio classes. Pilates ( in order to increase flexibility and strengthen the muscles of your body more healthy for the training system ) , I 'm. I like a lot of these lessons. Course not, I 'm dealing with running machines, work tools, such as cycling to lose weight. What do you think practices and treatments from the Far East? Sports Club is a different yoga classes. Instructors use the latest techniques. New to this kind of lessons; far eastern origin are in sports , I 'm tried of this opportunity .

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