How to properly deal with jogging?

Running is the simplest sport , when possible, is one of the useful types . It is necessary to learn how to run properly , harm to himself , but to be more healthy ? To understand what is escape , at least once , even if you were forced to stay on the couch fresh air .

You will be satisfied with the minimum action , will have an unforgettable feeling of freedom and flight . Maximum will be healthier. What is the best treadmill ? First of all, the physical tension in the running for the heart . There are no contra- indication to its practical (low else ) . Running shaking the whole body , and this , hypertension , shortness of breath , the best way to protect.

It also improves blood circulation and helps to toes. In addition, all of the muscle groups running shape : If you ran the shin and thigh work just as well as the abdomen, hands , neck becomes active . In addition , physical constraints such as the effect of the whole body is very soft. In general , running in conjunction with proper nutrition is the best way to lose weight . However, the main advantage of running is that he has the ability to take stress. Listening to the birds singing in the park , or run away from the stadium - it's your own choice .

Dr. Charles Livingston
Anyway, the flight can be compared to a good run . He seemed to truly inspire people , it is very important especially for those who live in metropolis .

How to start? As a general rule started in the beginning of the main fault, too fast . Training sessions should start gradually and over time you need to maximize the physical burden . But you have already experienced, remember : excessive physical strain , on the contrary, that destroys the body , it can be observed in the older . Your goal is to shoot the world record , health and toes stay. That is why you need to run slowly . It is safe for joints such as the type of running . rate is slightly faster average speed should be. Must be considered in order to determine more accurately the pulse : it should be 110-120 times per minute , should not be more than 120 .

Initially, it probably will be difficult , therefore, to visit regularly start to run again after recovery . Engaged on a regular basis , you can save 10-12 after training at the level of 110-120 per minute, pulse number , which you want to accomplish . How to physically distribute the load ? You do not need to run out to the street immediately . Inflammatory actions necessary to prepare the joints for 3-5 minutes . For this purpose, it is enough to make simple gymnastic exercises.

To avoid a different kind , eg , from time to time run at a distance of 200 meters . Go to gradually reduce the speed of 50 meters and walk a certain period in order to restore breathing . After that, move to 3-5 for the discharge of your muscles . In addition to the physical movement of cargo to the power of the heart to stretch after running , sit -stopping , hand- wringing on the ground , you have to press movements .
Running your joints and prepare for these actions . In addition , the diversity can bike for the race . When you run and how much ? In this issue, you need to pay attention to the body . Gradual process that you need to run 10-15 minutes, 30 minutes , and it is enough for the perfect escape .

Inflammatory action is 3-5 minutes . If you are going to run with strength exercises for troubled districts, total time 1 hour schedule, everyone chooses, but generally 2-3 times a week is enough. If you want to run a lot , it is possible to run every other day , but not more than that : because you need time to recover.

Another nuance - you need to choose to run any time : morning or evening ? It is thought that in the morning to avoid the damage and determine the basis of this idea , there are so well-rested body has not fully and running, of course , a tension to the body . However, if you have a good sleeping inflammatory actions and run yourself prepared , the most favorable time for the morning run . How to choose shoes and clothes ? Strength , running shoes , thick soles and are characterized by a strong depreciated . Depends on the surface you run on the treadmill option .

Avoiding the asphalt coating solids for your flawed :
they are exposed to very strong shocks and implies soon . Over time, if your collapses . If you have decided to escape the asphalt , then definitely choose shoes with thick soles . The rubber coating on the stadium , grass, sand, soft soil that allows the thin soles of shoes.

When it comes to clothes, most importantly , cold winter . Even in the coldest time of year the cotton sportswear and dresses can be satisfied . Fleeing to lose weight hot to wear : they are very to obtain a good result . How to breathe properly and fed? It is necessary to work during the run , the rhythm of the breathing muscles , and any loose please .

Rather , you should come and break the rhythm itself as, jogging on the stronger appetite . Therefore, it will be a little difficult at first , especially those who want to lose weight should eat more stringent controls 30 minutes before meals , but eat light and the best that can be composed of fruits and vegetables . If you are a solid, wait at least an hour . You can start immediately after your workout to eat.

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