Why are women discouraged to the gym

Why is it that so many women gym discouraged? It is the fear of the first visit, lack of confidence, fear of large muscles, fear of the unknown, laziness, or something else entirely?
To the outside world, including gym, gym are full sand fitness - bores who, instead of sitting in a managed pub night after night train, feed the chickens and drinking protein.

Venus Factor
And it is no wonder that a normal person, especially frail woman into the "lion's den" simply afraid to enter.
I would like you, girls, women, young and old, and the oldest, convinced that there is nothing to fear, that most visitors gym are the same people as you, go to the gym to work out, to shape the character and maintain or improve health or just relax and have fun.
Indeed, even the "crazy" things in the gym almost asleep, they are normal people who have a clear objective for which they are able to go and for him to sacrifice almost anything and certainly do not look at anyone who is not like them

With contempt, but on the contrary, often trying to help newbie’s in the gym, if they so wish and you can see that it is serious about exercise seriously.
And even you, today beginner gym unmissed, once you get to the other side, from which today you respect or fun, fitness gradually caught up and even do not expect and you'll be one of those "crazies" you cannot do without the gym my life imagine, you night after night meal, plan workouts, or dream of competing boards.

Get more than just a solid slim figureMost of us girls before the big gym exaggerated respect, he is afraid that after strength training them to grow muscles and look like a bodybuilder magazines.

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