A diet containing fat, protein, carbohydrates

This relationship is sustained by our amended diet to about ten to one.
We hunt these days especially in big maces and we do gather in AH or Alde. One of the theories is that these modified fatty acid status, modulates immune responses and the body brings it were in a state of chronic inflammation.

This would heart disease, diabetes, allergies and asthma, but can also work in hand. The precise molecular basis and mechanisms of fatty acid shift is less well known.

Kelly Weaver and Floyd Chilton (Weaver, 2009) from the United States developed an interesting experiment that was shed here. Light they gave a group of volunteers for 5 weeks a controlled diet where everyone got such much fat

, protein, carbohydrates, and within it.
After a week they added there capsules with fish oil (775 mg EPA per day) and borage oil (831 mg daily) to it. Before and after the supplementation and after a wash-out period of 2 weeks after the end of the study, blood was collected, from which mononuclear cells and was achieved. From each participant tubes these samples were used in an RNA assay.
The fatty acid status of the cells was examined.

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There are 12 food categories were distinguished by the researchers in the study, such as eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, olive oil, nuts and seeds. For example, if the children also scored a so-called Mediterranean diet stopped after. The relationship between this diet and allergic rhinitis was strongest.

Margarine works adversely
Children at least three times a week, ate nuts also proved a significantly lower risk of allergic rhinitis, have.

Asthma symptoms and rashes Also the daily eating apples, oranges and tomatoes found to protect against allergic rhinitis.

For grapes as single fruit this effect was quite strong. The researchers suspect that this is due to the strongly anti-oxidative effect of revere. This is described that this polyphone has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Regularly eating margarine showed in this study have an adverse:

it doubled the risk of allergic rhinitis in children in Crete. That seems pretty simple to solve, with a good olive oil one needs.

Proper fatty acids that a modified fatty acid intake in the diet can affect the immune system have been shown in several studies. Anthropological research showed that the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors for thousands of years had a ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids were approximately two to one.

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Researcher Roger Hurst: "We came to the conclusion that (ECG), a compound from blackcurrants, along with the body's immune substances cooperates synergistically in reducing the inflammation.

This is independent of the activity of, which are common in black currant. "Hurst suspects that in the future we can develop natural products that conventional medicine can help in the treatment of asthma and perhaps other allergic reactions. ECG is also found in other foods, such as green tea, so maybe it's the first step, it makes sense to you allergic rinse. Away with tea see complete package

Mediterranean diet

that you were born during the hay fever season or if baby did not receive breastfeeding are factors you can change yourself.

Nothing fortunately, there are factors in life where you can to exert an influence your diet is an important example. Namely, a so-called Mediterranean diet appears to protect against symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Protection, at least in children, The Mediterranean diet includes ample servings of fruits and vegetables, fish, olive oil, nuts, seeds and legumes.

Greek researchers (Chats et al, 2007) studied the diets of 690 children living in the Cretan countryside. , the parents of the children completed extensive surveys on the eating habits of their children, the allergic symptoms and possible problems with breathing. The children underwent skin prick test with ten common aero-allergens.

Body acquired defects may cause a contraction of the muscle injury

Physical defects vary in the East and West, in our eastern infected cases acquired defects in the emergence of the emergence of textures known in front of me in the shoulder and chin.

A consultant orthopedic and spine surgery hospital Crescent talking about it, shows that these defects acquired which may affect textures may cause injury to the bones of the body damage is typically pulled neck muscles background, leading to a contraction of the muscles of the anterior neck, which is why Severe pain in the neck and scattered.

Adds sound textures that reduces pressure on the bones of the center back and the weight is distributed evenly over the area, and disadvantages of textures prevalent in civilized countries, because of the nature of work and daily life.

The biggest proof of that is given to African countries which at least where the imbalance in the strength of the body right, and the problem in defects textures gained lies in the return to normal patterns it is difficult and impossible if adopted patient physical therapy only,

the hardening of the muscles of the body into the situation wrong, but If what has been surgery to open tissue hardened by injection and then undergo physiotherapy sessions achieve good results, preferably first examination and diagnosis by a doctor of physical therapy, and so for being qualified to diagnose the situation and determine how the treatment and the means used to it, it may not preclude the patient to physical therapy, but believes that the treatment requires further treatment.

. Some vitamins may change the performance of the muscle

New research pointed out that some types of vitamins make it difficult of exercise; it told the researchers that vitamins C and E weaken the muscle response to exercise. In spite of this, but it did not affect athletic performance over the actual experience for 11 weeks.

According to the BBC, the team from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in Oslo conducted studies on 54 participants, over 11 weeks, to see the impact on athletic ability to take vitamins C and E, where participants took 1000 mg, vitamin C, and 235 mg of Vitamin E, and training 4 times a week.

The study found that athletic ability has not changed during the tests the actual, but examination laboratory samples of blood and tissues of the participants, explained that there is a difference occurs within the muscle, as taking vitamins reduced the number of centers of energy production in the cell, "mitochondria", which is supposed to increase Depending on the need to increase energy during workouts.

Professor of biochemistry not convince the results are believed to be the biggest factor in performance speed of the heart, lungs, and the arrival of oxygen to the muscles and not the mitochondria, so there is no difference in athletic performance the actual difficult interpretation.

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